Would Be Epic



Since the rumors are that Joss Whedon is not directing Avengers 3 and James Gunn will take up the director chair would it be epic if the reason why Joss Whedon is not directing it is because he will Direct the rumored Ms. Marvel film. How epic would it be Joss Whedon directing Ms. Marvel. Reblog what you think of my theory.

Okay, just TRY and tell me this wouldn’t be awesome.

Call it Captain Marvel and you’ve got a deal.

Rapid Review Roundup - 7/23/14 - Part 2

Batman day is over and we’re all stronger for having survived it.

Archer and Armstrong #22

Not going to lie, I’ve been a bit confused over what the heck was happening in the last few issues of Archer and Armstrong, but now it all comes together to make sense. Also tensions between our odd couple finally hit a peak, although all of it seems a bit rushed, and with this series ending in two issues (at least until it’s relaunched which is very likely) it’s pretty clear that someone at Valiant said “Yeah man, you need to hurry this up.” But even with that, how can I not like a book that includes the line of dialogue “Sir! Please move aside your intimidatingly large penis!”

Final Score - 7.8

Afterlife with Archie #6

Damn Archie just died and he’s already a zombie? I’m just kidding, I’ve been a big fan of how serious this series is playing the whole Zombie Apocalypse thing and how it is indeed creating a very terrifying horror series, and this issue is one of the best so far. This leaves the zombies behind and goes into Lovecraftian territory as it explores the psychological terror in the buildup to the introduction of the Old Gods, and man does it work. If you love horror and haven’t checked this series out, this is a great issue to jump on. 

Final Score - 8.5

Daredevil #6

As I said with Spider-Man this week, these Original Sin tie ins are a great way to get a storyline out there that’s been building up for a while, but when there hasn’t been enough build up to it then it kind of falters a bit. And indeed the fact that there is no buildup to this storyline does hurt it a bit, but after a rocky start Mark Waid is able to swoop in and save it with a great turnaround that really makes me want to see where it goes from here.

Final Score - 8.2

Doctor Who 10th Doctor #1

I love that multiple Doctors are getting their own ongoing series (although I wish 9 had been included in with them) and I always dug 10’s style and sense of fun so I decided to check it out. And the vast majority of this issue reminds me of the first episode with Rose, where it focuses more on the companion than on the Doctor himself, which is fine with me, in fact the stuff with the story of the companion is actually really good, so far I’m really enjoying this new character. And in addition to that the threat they’re facing is good an creepy. Only real problem is that the little we get of the Doctor here wasn’t totally right to me, but that could just be because we haven’t seen enough of him. Either way it ends on a really solid note.

Final Score - 8.7

Mighty Avengers #12

I really like this series but so far I haven’t cared that much about the whole Deathwalker thing, simply because we haven’t been given enough information on them, I felt it was kept too much a mystery for too long. Well in this issue we finally get all the information we need on them and it does indeed pay off. I love the story behind them, what it reveals about Luke’s Dad, and I can’t wait to see it all go into the finale. But, and man I’m getting tired of saying this, Greg Land’s art just can’t convey the tones the story is trying to pull off and it really hurts the book.

Final Score - 8.3

Original Sin 5.2

This issue is a lot of fun, it really does seem like Ewing and Aaron are working together closely on this since it combines the great action of Aaron’s God of Thunder and the clever witty banter of Ewing’s Agent of Asgard. I mean don’t get me wrong, it isn’t quite as good as either of those series, but it’s still a fun ride that combines the positives of both. And I really dig the villain who is introduced, she seems like she’ll be plenty fun in upcoming issues.

Final Score - 8.1

Saga #21

The past two issues have been focusing more on the down to earth nature of this book, on that feeling of what it’s like to be in a family and all the ins and outs of working to support them or to raising your child, but it’s lacked a bit of the “Holy SH$T” moments. Yeah, this issue kind of makes up for that. This issue is just nothing but those moments and it’s stunning, every single one of them doesn’t disappoint. This book with this issue just turned into Game of Thrones in space and I can’t wait to see where it goes.

Final Score - 9.4

Transformers Windblade #4

For those of you who missed the last issue review, let me just repeat that I’m not a Transformers fan, I watched a bit of the show as a kid but it didn’t stick past that, and I have very little knowledge of the world, but I picked this series up because I like to support female characters and creators, and this is one of the few books out there with a female lead, a female writer, and a female artist, and so far I’ve actually been impressed with it. And this issue, the final part of the mini-series, is stunning. The action is great, the dialogue is sharp, and it really feels as face past and as tense as a Transformers book should be. My only complaint, and sadly it’s a big one, is that after a big startling revelation about a character, it then just sort of sweeps it under the rug in the end and I was screaming “No don’t let that slide! That’s a huge deal!” But still, even if you’re not a Transformers fan but you just want a good butt kicking female character, then pick this up when it comes out in trade.

Final Score - 8.6