Tonight at my store there was a woman in her fifties from France, and she said that when she was a girl in the 70s there was a magazine that translated American comics, and there was one she read about a bunch of immortals, but the magazine stopped before the story finished so she never got to see how it ended.

With only those as clues my whole store went into action and went through all the options we could name until we found the answer, “The Eternals.” We showed her a picture of them and she got super excited and said, “That’s them!”

We didn’t have any of the issues or trades but I gave her a website where she could order them and she said she could finally finish it and it was such an awesome feeling. People might not think that comics are much more than mild entertainment, but when you see the joy on the face of a fifty year old woman from another country when she finds out she can finally finish a story that she read as a kid, and that she remembered it all this time, you see how great they really are. 



Guardians of the Galaxy
Quasar: Lin
Moondragon: Natalie
Photographer: Lionel Lum

I love Phyla-Vell.

I love Guardians of the Galaxy.

Busting my ass to upgrade Quasar is basically the story of my life — full of screaming and crying, caused by the very things I cherish. (And yet here I am, knees deep in planning the next.) But what really overfloweth my heart with big dumb stupid grinning joy, was everybody who helped make the magic happen — with special frantic heart hands to Lionel, who pulled together a last minute light-up sword for this. Yes. That sword? That was all him.

Interplanetary warrior girlfriend high five, y’all.

—- is ready to save the galaxy